Secret Place(S) “A tour between reality and virtual sightseeing” ”Welcome to the Secret Place(s)”  Secret Place(s) is a Project to work with Secret Place in akihabara, working with the shop, use photogrammetry 3D models scanned with Scaniverse, importing it into Unreal Engine 5 to use as a stage for Vtuber to introduce some of the secret gems of tourism spots around Tokyo, Japan. Project Services Offer paid virtual tours: You could create a series of virtual tours using your photogrammetry models and Unreal Engine, and then offer these tours for a fee. Customers could purchase a tour and then explore the virtual tourism spots in your Unreal Engine environment. Advertisement: If you plan to showcase your virtual tours on a website or social media platform, you could sell advertising space to businesses that are interested in reaching your audience. This could be a good way to generate revenue from your virtual tours without directly charging your customers. Offer licensing for your virtual tours: Another option would be to license your virtual tours to other businesses or organizations that are interested in using them. For example, you could create a virtual tour of a museum and then license that tour to the museum itself, allowing them to use it as part of their own marketing efforts. Create a subscription service: You could also consider creating a subscription service that provides access to all of your virtual tours for a monthly or annual fee. This would allow customers to explore all of your virtual tourism spots at their own pace, and could be a good way to generate recurring revenue. Team Photogrammetry specialist: This person would be responsible for creating the 3D models of the tourism spots using photogrammetry software. They should have experience with photogrammetry and a good eye for detail. 3D modeler: This person would be responsible for refining the photogrammetry models and making them look their best. They should have experience with 3D modeling software and a good understanding of how to create realistic-looking virtual environments. Unreal Engine developer: This person would be responsible for creating the virtual tours using Unreal Engine. They should have experience with Unreal Engine and a good understanding of how to create interactive, immersive virtual experiences. Marketing specialist: This person would be responsible for promoting your virtual tours and attracting customers. They should have experience with marketing and a good understanding of how to reach your target audience. Business development specialist: This person would be responsible for finding opportunities to monetize your virtual tours, such as licensing deals or advertising partnerships. They should have experience with business development and a good understanding of how to generate revenue from your virtual tours. Seasonal Producer: Create yearly calendar of how the program associate with local businesses and commerce chances, design the program of the year to fit in chances, design the chemistry of a year's establishment of project products and social presence. Actor: Is the actor behind each program to communicate with the audience in recorded or streamed essences. They own each unique characteristics and in especially voice of none than themselves, attractive in their own ways to tell a story of what curios minds wish to lean in. Financial and Public relations developer: This person knows exactly who to talk to or which way to develop towards to access the indefinite cultural passions and excellences of Japan. Being able to suit the needs of excellent tradition and edge technology, we excel at bridging importance and creating value in society today not avalilable previously in such quality or quantity to present a healthily, government ready business and financial practice.
What it's about
How does it create value
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Industry base
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Long tail effect
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The packaging theory
1.Virtual space 2. Guided program 3. Link and community
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The people behind success
Tested on STYLY how to build an interactive traveling world from scaniverse and other objects, music I created in the past into one place. Tried too much and the world is barely moveable because there were too much data. I quickly realized there were a lot of restrictions as to how much file can be in one place, leading me to understand the importance of creating redundant but also flexible, solid structures, like fibers, to connect information with each other. they can be disconnected at some time by nature or other reasons, and that is the maintainance cost of bringing analog memories to the digital side.
Idea Rendering @ Secret Place
Rendering a friend's shop "Secret Place" in akihabara gave me the idea to bring this VR experience to become a new way to create what's called "Fancommunication" in Japan for subcultural idols and other active creative business practices to generate more traction, engagemeent with their fans and customers. For the case study of Secret Place, the shop is located at the center of akihabara with the concept of "a restplace for the travellers of an RPG" so that the internal design looks like a dungeon-ish bar design. Customers here are called "Players" and they "Log in" to the shop, where the maids will serve them with food, beverages, some great chat and cheer them up on their next journey ahead. The concept and the visuals are extremely detailed, is one of the best concepts I've examined around the akihabara concept businesses in the past 10 years. Fancommunication services is the design of iterations to communicate between idols and fans. to deliver information from one side to another in different layers, through different medias, from different locations, to allow the "Players" to have a trip experience around the atmospheric design of the concept itself "Secret Places". I believe this concept correlates to quite a lot of, if not all of our daily lives and traveling experiences to meet our good friends and talk about the generalism of life through our travelled distances and experiences.
TEST SCENE 2@Effortless Young
On effortless young's digital and fashion discussion, STYLY was again used to recreate the worlds that can display the different and new views of our scope. sometimes clothes can be larger than shops, or mountains, and other times the world can coexist with broken and real memories, but not yet with the full sight of where we stand in the world. The future of Augumented, Mixed, Virtual and other types of digitally enhanced realities will be where the artists and busiensses, people may chose to spend a fraction, if not all of their lifetime. Our discussion about fashion inclusive of the passage "lifestyle" in the long run ahead. Where we will live, there will be and will again be new fashion displayed, created, exchanged, and with the power of scilicon, to continue to exponentially increase their volumetric characteristics in the digital world.
The first map
The first map is created based on the provided 62 shops of Tokyo's best suggested locally produced cultural heritage items. The list was acquired from the Shinjuku Metropolitan Bldg., where sightseeing sources are propagated from the heart of the Tokyo government. Inside a souvinier shop sits quietly, beautifully and meticulously gallerized products from the map, collected into a very small space. They handed out 74 different post cards with each designed of the stories and illustrations, map, QR code of the shops. Although finely designed on the general concept of assembly, digitally and spacially the feeling of shrinking, only compacting of information belongs to my instinct that there is space to recover. Like a sponge, I wish that the digital side can elaborate into various layers of information in the future starting with this map, sharing more links into versatile ways to show how beautiful the world is from different perspectives and from the eyes of many creators together.
Made on mmm